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New measuring machine at Turnab AB - Hexagon Tigo SF: More durable CNC-turned components

Hexagon Tigo SF på industrigolv hos Turnab AB
Hexagon Tigo SF at Turnab AB

Turnab AB has taken an exciting step in CNC turning and cutting machining by introducing the advanced Hexagon Tigo SF coordinate measuring machine (CMM) to our facility.

Hexagon Tigo SF isn't just a CMM. This fully protected, compact, and versatile coordinate measuring machine is developed for tough environments like a shop floor. Its unique construction makes it portable, which means that it can be placed on a specific device for orders with high demand on accuracy.

"Previously, we measured the components using shadow projectors and vision machines. With a shadow projector, there is still a human factor to consider, but with the Tigo SF, this human factor will decrease, and the quality will increase."

Janne Lönnberg, CEO Turnab AB

Hexagon Tigo SF's flexibility and precision will increase the quality of our products and components, but also open up new doors for more complex parts with greater demands than before. As a leading company in contract manufacturing, this is an important step to fulfill our client's needs.

Want to know more? Visit us at Elmia Subcontractor between 14-16 November at booth: B01:48, you can meet our team and learn more about how Tigo SF will form our future.

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