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New Logistics Center in 2023: Through Collaboration and Recycling

Turnab AB:s nya fastigheter för legoproduktion av metallsvarvade artiklar i Reftele, Gislaveds kommun, Sverige
Turnab AB's new logistics center that will be built during fall 2023


REFTELE, 2023-08-23 - Turnab AB, a subcontractor specializing in metal turning components, announced today that a new logistics center will be constructed adjacent to the company's existing factory in the fall of 2023. This strategic decision aims to support the company's rapidly growing needs and create a better workplace for its employees.

Following the success of constructing a new office and warehouse in 2017, Turnab AB has experienced steady growth, leading us to outgrow our current spaces. With the purchase of the neighboring plot, plans are now underway for a logistics center as large as the current workshop area.

"We are cramped as it stands today. With this construction, we are creating a better workplace for all of us working at Turnab, and it gives us greater opportunities to grow with our clients,"

- Camilla Lönnberg, project manager for the new construction.

The new logistics center, nearly 1,000 square meters, will encompass features like industrial washing and cutting stations and be built with sustainability in focus. Turnab AB will install a frequency-controlled ventilation system that will be energy-efficient, and active only when necessary. The system will be connected to the machine exhaust and the compressor to recycle and optimize heat utilization. This, combined with a future investment in automatic doors, will improve the working environment and help us achieve our environmental goals.

The new warehouse, to be built wall-to-wall with the existing factory, will allow us to reuse the windows from the current building for the new warehouse, further reducing Turnab AB's carbon footprint.

The advantages of the expansion include:

  • Greater production capacity: With more space, Turnab can invest in the latest technology and equipment.

  • Faster lead times: More storage space means shorter waiting times for customers.

  • Improved work environment: New and more spacious staff areas will increase employee satisfaction.

  • More efficient operations: With the investments in the new construction, we at Turnab AB hope to be more energy-efficient.

With this new construction, Turnab looks forward to providing its employees with a more satisfactory working environment, increasing its storage capacity, and reinforcing its commitment to delivering products faster to its customers.


Turnab AB is a well-reputed company in metal turning and subcontracting, with a long history of delivering high-quality products and solutions to its clients. With continuous investment in technology and staff, Turnab aims to always be at the forefront of its industry.

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