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At Turnab the heart beats for sustainability: CPR education

To become a sustainable company we have to focus on the whole picture. Last week Turnab participated in a training of CPR, an important aspect to strengthen our preparedness and care for each other.

CPR education with the lifesavers of Tylösand

In our pursuit to truly embrace the full spectrum of sustainability, Turnab has taken yet another step forward. For us, it's not just about thinking green, but also about each other.

To prepare ourselves for unforeseen events and to strengthen our collective readiness, we decided that all staff should undergo CPR training. The purpose? Each one of us should feel empowered and able to act if an accident occurs – whether it's at the workplace or out in the community.

The training, which lasted an entire morning on Thursday, August 31, was conducted by the skilled lifeguards at Tylösand in collaboration with the Swedish Lifesaving Society. And what an experience it was! We learned critical skills and discovered that such an intimate experience could give us entirely new perspectives on each other. The day concluded with a much-needed and relaxing lunch at Hotel Tylösand.

In today's world, the focus is often on ecological sustainability, but the social aspect of sustainability often goes unnoticed. At Turnab, we recognize the importance of achieving a balance in both environmental and social sustainability. This training is just one of many steps we take to ensure that our community is both safe and supportive.

We want to thank everyone who participated, especially the lifeguards at Tylösand and the Swedish Lifesaving Society for guiding us through this valuable experience. Together, we are building a stronger and more cohesive future!

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